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The LIT Community Mastery

January 2022 - LIT Community Mastery

How your LIT Adventure will look like


Week 1


Eye opener week! Learn the shocking truths of how the market really works and how to get rid of all your old false market belief systems.

Week 2


Introduction to Intraday Mastery week! We will introduce you to the beauty and clarity of Intraday Trading, you will receive the first guide on how to tame the seemingly wild market into a clear understandable system.

Week 3


Full Daily Cycle week! It is time to bring light to all the Daily Cycle Variations, add multiple Confluences of Events to your analysis and clarify everything with our LIT Simplicity Approach. We will also provide you with our legendary Entry Helper to bring you closer to your first Intraday Mastery trades.

Week 4


CUP Trade week! Once you completed all tasks, and quizzes and answered all the content questions, we introduce you to daily recurring Trading Setups we call CUP Trades. We give you multiple variations so you can pick and master the ideal setup for your own needs, time zone and daily schedule.

Week 5


Solidification week! Combining everything to give you the ultimate step-by-step guideline to approach Intraday Mastery on a daily basis with proper CUP Trade Solidification, Cycle Variations and how to apply the full Simplicity Approach. You will also get access to core LIT special recordings to widen your experience even more!

Week 6


Planning week! Having a proper trading plan is key. We will show you how to transform trading into a real business and how to structure your trading day around your schedule. We also give you a guideline on how to use our Execution Helper for proper risk management or other tools depending on your personal preference.

Week 7


Intensive training week! With all the content equipped, the true fun finally begins. We jump straight into detailed training sessions, Content Solidification and Simplicity Approach Mastery.

Week 8


Mastery week! It is time to put the cherry on top of the cake and put everything together and dig as deep as possible into the content to provide you peak Intraday Mastery the proper LIT way. Time to smash those markets!

What our Students think about the LIT Adventure

James K.

11/10 Recommend 🤩

As an early bird student of The Vault which is 8 weeks…. I have seen nothing but improvements and helpful information being pumped out by the LIT team & community.The information inside the vault can not be found elsewhere, even the leaked info about LIT and their passionate work doesn’t do justice to the time and effort put into these 8 weeks.I’m beyond excited to keep going through the next 4 Weeks learning and practicing both backtest and live the knowledge LIT has provided me with.You will come out of this community learning at least 1 thing worth your time and money, if not why did you buy it? You already can catch every move everyday at any time and have no questions left about the market.

Eduardo C.

The Redpill

-First things first, I want to thank God and the LIT Team for giving me the opportunity to be able to step foot into LIT.-Upon joining LIT, I was absolutely AMAZED of the quality of the Vault.The Vault is the ABSOLUTELY INSANE, within 4 weeks of being in the community I have learned more here in 4 weeks than 3 years of jumping "Top" education to another. As of 4 weeks and hours of content already watched, I am still amazed of how we still have 4 WEEKS of Content TO GO!! As part of being in LIT, there is also the Community, which is also INSANE. The community so far is very interactive, sharing charts and each others perspective of how something will play out or has played out.I am very glad to be apart of a community which wants to grow and see each other win, like a family.-This is the REAL LIT and not some cringe "Inducement/Trap/algo" education that us traders always come across on Instagram trying to pose as Reim's LIT.-As part of just being in LIT for 4 weeks, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK, IF YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS.- Do not believe these FAKE Reviews as they are just Haters who are not even a part of the community. At the end of the day, the LIT Trading Instagram completely speaks for the Education itself. haha-Also, Shoutout to Reim,Cameron,Saqbar,Redbeard,The programmers, and Christian. They have made everything here a great journey so far and are continuing to due so. Reim's Knowledge is something you have never heard of or seen outside of LIT, he will show you how the markets truly work! Cameron the Wizard is an actual WIZARD believe it or not, haha this guy sees your mistakes from 100 miles away and will show you the when,where,why, and how you were wrong and how to fix your mistake! Saqbar also teaches very well in the videos! Christian the German GOAT was very welcoming during our first interview as he Introduced me to LIT!-All in all, this is my first 4 weeks in LIT, so far this is the GREATEST Investment I have ever made in my life! I am very grateful, Thanks again.(I will be updating this review after Week 8 and after a year of completing week 8!)

Adam D.

10/10 Would highly recommended

I knew from the very beginning that i was going to be in for a treat. It’s fair to say that this industry is plagued with fakes and frauds and given Forex a bad name. But LIT has restored all the negative experiences i’ve had. It’s like the last level on a video game.And speaking of video games the content inside the Vault is close to a computer game. the interaction you have with the content is nothing like i’ve seen before. Making the experience not only informative but in a very fun and exciting way. The hours upon hours of content doesn’t get boring and you just want to learn more and more each day.The educators are always active and always reply within 30 minutes. And the way they have set up the curriculum assures your progress. If you don’t understand a certain concept or piece of information you Cannot advance to the next stages. This means you are guaranteed to succeed as long as you put the time in.Here are my favourite things about LIT:• Exclusive. you won’t find this stuff floating around in some mega file. The security they have on their content is great. and as a paying customer it’s very reassuring.• The eye opening content• The immersion• The educators as people• The community. Everyone is so friendly and i’ve already made some good friends. We are all driven and pushing for the same goal.There’s many more great things about LIT i could go on. 🐇🕳

WAKE up!

THE matrix has you!

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The LIT Community Mastery

February 2022 - LIT Community Mastery

After Week 8 the true fun begins!


Beauty of the day!

The Monalisa Setup of the Day! In this Series, our Queen Saqbar covers the Monalisa Setup of the Day and gives you a step-by-step breakdown for clarification with all possible entry opportunities.

Sunday Slaughter

Chart slaying the LIT Way!

In this Series, the whole LIT team guides you through the previous week and presents to you all the possible Setups, Challenges and Cycle Variations. Hour-long Chart Mastery!

The Edge

Raw insights right on the Edge!

In this Series, our Wizard Stockcy takes you on a journey of his live trading thought process so you can experience how we trade live in the markets with multiple high Risk-Reward-Ratios.

Bonus Episodes


Even after the Bootcamp, the fun continues. Experience all Community calls and additional content either live or as recordings.

Back to the Future!
Same shit, different day!

In this Series, Reim takes you on a journey back in the past and shows you that all the concepts you learned with LIT are timeless principles and systems which are exactly the same whether its 1 year ago, 3 months ago, yesterday or today. Everything to the absolute minute and to the PIP!

Growth happens outside your comfort zone!

In this Series, VIPs experience an intense and unique "on the Edge" training in which they have to prove their skills and understanding to Reim and have to walk him through a day of Intraday Mastery right on the edge, candle by candle in replay mode to gain peak performance.


True madness!

In this Series LIT MADNESS will give you a guideline through the Intraday trading routine. You will have a guide that shows you the way to go.

Do what others can't even imagine could be possible!

How Your Adventure will look like


The entire 8 Week LIT Adventure is available to you in recordings inside our Vault.

Step by step curriculum

The 40+ Topics with 100+ Modules will be taught to You in a clear step by step method. Within each Module, you have the opportunity to challenge your knowledge with Quizzes and Questions, allowing you to grasp the knowledge before continuing to the next Module.

Trading Plan

In Week 6 You will be guided on how to create a Trading Plan for Your personal needs, situation and goals.


The 8 week program is a guideline from our side. You can set your own pace. If You want to watch 10 hours a day, it will take You less than 8 weeks. If You only have 1 hour a day, it will take You longer than 8 weeks. No rush! Evolve at Your own pace and rewatch everything as much You want until it clicks.

ongoing Guidance

During your entire Adventure You will have access to Educators inside our Discord, should You need assistance or guidance!
You will never be on Your own!


After Week 8, with all the LIT content equipped You are ready to conquer the markets but the fun continues. A ton of bonus episodes await You, so You always have up to date educational content. Have fun!

The LIT Community Mastery

March 2022 - LIT Community Mastery

The Vault

Where the magic is delivered to you

The Vault

We want to make sure that the next level education you will receive is delivered in a pretty package. We combined 24/7 accessibility with security and OH BOY, security has never looked so good! You can enjoy the hundreds of hours of content stress free and experience the Journey at Your own pace.

It is not Your fault, that You...

  • don't have the success in Your trading that You wish you would have, yet.
  • are in an industry where toxic Mentors, Copycats, Scammers, wrong retail concept education and toxic Communities rule the majority of our space.
  • experienced the negative side of this industry at some point.

We are here to change that once and for all.

It is not to late to make all Your effort and time You put in payout finally and learn the true reasons how the market really works and get the results You deserve.

Trader problems SOLVED

Problem #1: Not truly understanding what is going on in the markets

Truly, this is the best trading educational experience I have ever had and I have been trading FX for quite a while. I cannot emphasize enough how my view about the markets has changed to the correct one. I always wondered why I would get stopped out and then the trade go my direction? What was the true intention of the market for that particular day? Because of LIT, now I can say that I know those answers. I have been taught the playbook from the market movers. For all of you who trade like "institutional traders", you are on the right path, but there is NO ONE that I have found that teaches these concepts. There are bits and pieces you can find, but the entire puzzle is put together by the team at LIT in a way that is truly mind blowing...

Daniel S

Problem #2: Getting the wrong course to learn from

Sal Azuela

By far joining the LIT community is the best trading decision I've made in my 3+ year trading career. I’m really, really, grateful to the Universe for putting them on my path. I've tried academies, and mentors, and even though I’ve reached consistency I was far from the goal I wanted to achieve in my trading. In LIT I've found a lot of clarity of why many of the things I previously noticed happened and how to really operate as an Intraday trader, which is the trading style that best suits me.

Sal Azuela

Problem #3: Not having the right community

Best trading course out there by far. For years I've been waiting and looking for a course that has a great community, excellent educators and insane educational content. I'm so glad I found LIT.

Obviously its a risk at first to jump into the course but Reim and the whole LIT Team made us all feel so welcome in the bootcamp. The bootcamp is split into sections to help us digest the info better and that helped out a lot. 

It's not like some other courses where you finish the bootcamp then you never see the teachers again. The educators are always there to answer your questions no matter what. They're constantly working in the background to give us the best material on top of community calls and much more. 

110% recommend the course.

Arjuna Wera

Problem #4: Not having the right information

This has by far reached beyond all my expectations. The knowledge provided is somewhat crazy and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of the community. The details given by Reim throughout the course have improved my trading tremendously and the value paid compared to the knowledge given is crazy.
Thank you so much!

Tomas Dias

Problem #5: Making the decision to take the step that will make the difference

Best decision I ever made.

I've been trading for almost 2 years now. Bought multiple courses from well known traders in the industry. In my honest opinion nothing compares to what this course/ community has in store for you. The bootcamp is fully packed with good content which definitely will improve your trading game. After the bootcamp you will be blown away. The things they teach you might have heard about, but never explained in such a detailed manner.

But it doesn't end there, LIT is a community that has the best interest for you. Not only the educators but also the students are here to help and discus trading topics/ set ups etc. After the bootcamp is where the fun begins with a good learning plan that will result in your earning plan. Since i joined LIT my joy while trading increased tremendously. I honestly can say that I now like Mondays and don't mind working.

This might seem too good to be true, but i promise you that joining LIT will be the best decision you will ever make. Because it definitely was mine.


Problem #6: Getting bored or impatient of the "learning process"

Overdelivered on my Really High Expectations
I was expecting to be blown away but never knew I was gonna be blown into the next dimension.
The content and the delivery of the whole concept was absolutely brilliant. Now we know and understand markets every push on every Timeframe..
Reim (the Educator) and His team made the whole experience so fun with their passion and enthusiasm.
Honestly my kids even enjoyed listening in on Reim.
Very professional slides and presentation and the Discord itself they have made for the students is a great learning environment as there is rewards and ranking systems for all to have a friendly competition to both learn and help others that are struggling... If your looking for the Holy Grail then your search is over.....
Thanks to the WHOLE LIT Family for the opportunity... truly feel honored and blessed to have joined the first camp..

Mohammad Shafiq

Problem #7: Not getting something out of a trading course

More than I could ever have dreamed of!
Do you wish to learn the real deal of trading intraday?
Would you like to be part of a community with like-minded people who are supporting and helping each other?

I am totally honest when I am saying: This is more than I could ever have dreamed of!
After 2 1/2 years of learning different retail strategies, this is the last course you & I will ever need.

Let´s be real: the knowledge is really overwhelming and eye-opening! If you do not make it to be a profitable full-time trader, than it is not for you.

The best education can do nothing, if you do not give the effort to use and practice it intensively! Like they said: Knowledge is potential power. ACTION is power!

The community is next level and is so helpful - you always get an answer to your question really fast!
We have weekly community calls with the educators, a XP and belt system to keep the members active and make it more fun.

In overall, this was the best investment in my life!
I am really grateful to be part of LIT and I am excited for what is yet to come.

Sonja S

Problem #8: Not enjoying the learning and trading journey with your Mentors and Community

This course is the best ever I attended. It worth the price, even more.
Reim absolutely overdelivered. Great, funny presentation, great examples.
Real knowledge, real insight about how the market works and how the big guys want to screw everyone in the markets.

Reece S

Problem #9: Not having enough time for trading

Game Changer - to the minute
I've joined LIT Trading a couple of weeks ago - and I can say - it was the best investment I've ever done !
Lot of information - which helped me to improve my Trading style - TO THE MINUTE
I`m able to do my business job in office and watching to the perfect time on my charts - and finding some nice setups !
Actually there is another community call in 2 days 4-5 hours for free? What an amazing community.
Educators every time helpful - make some nice challenge with presents...
I can say if you miss to join - you will miss a game changer for your life!

Dennis Fischer

Problem #10: Still having questions after a newly learned strategy

Sal Azuela

What a experience this has been so far..

Gained a lot lot lot of value from the boot camp. The why, where, how, when, who, all the questions about the market are answered. By simply knowing the answers to these questions, you are already 10 steps ahead of everybody else in the industry. Obviously your work ethic is going to determine what you can achieve with the information, but all the tools are there! Besides that, Reim is just a fantastic enthusiastic dude and the discord which is setup is also perfect. Lot of value in there and everybody wants to grow.

I was trying to come up with something that I'm not totally satisfied with to show both sides of the coin, but really there is not one. Read the other reviews, do some research yourself and make your own conclusions. For me, this was the best decision I've made in my life up until this point.

Jord B

Problem #11: Not having the "lifechanging" moment you want to get out of trading

Sal Azuela

Life Changing, Generational Wealth Creation
To be honest, I was extremely skeptical spending that amount for a bootcamp. Now that it's over, I can say without hesitation that it was money well spent! Reim is like a mad scientist the way he dissects charts (or maybe he's just mad 😆 )The other educators, Saqbar and Stockcy are hands down in a class of their own! The VIP call we had last week was amazing, full of nuggets. I'm looking forward to the VIP call we're having tomorrow!

To each and every one of the educators, I thank you, my children thank you and my children's children thank you. Generational Wealth begins with me and LIT is the vehicle which will create that generational wealth.


Problem #12: Not having a great Return of Investment

Already paid back!!
I was going to wait 2-3 weeks before I write this after I see how I fare with a live account, but; first trade today 22/06 - 2 days after the end of the bootcamp paid for the entire course by itself. It was worth every penny.

The way Reim presented as well as the examples shown and how organized and structured it was made it all the better to understand, comprehend and apply. The discord system is also structured in a way to make people pro-active and continue progressing their trade journey successfully.

It’s LIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Aziz Al Bassam

Problem #13: Following the wrong mentors and courses

The best trading education on the market. Period! I’ve taken all of your favorite Instagram FX trader’s courses over the last 2 and a half years, nothing even comes close to this. I’ve been trading since 2014(stocks, options, forex) and I’ve NEVER come across an intraday trader as good as Reim. Not even close. Even more impressive than that, is his ability to teach his strategy in such a simple, easy to digest way. His energy and humor throughout the bootcamp makes the entire experience so much fun. I really respect the fact that he actually teaches you his entire strategy from start to finish. I’ve come across mentors who, admittedly, withhold some of their knowledge that is “sacred” to them. Reim gives you everything you need to be successful. I’ve already had some of my best trade ideas and it’s only been a couple weeks since the bootcamp ended. For the first time, I’m actually engaged in an amazing trading community. Everyone is so positive and supportive of each other. I’ve been averaging like 4-5 hours of zoom calls daily with people I’ve met in the community. It has truly been the greatest experience and more than I could’ve ever asked for. Forever grateful for Reim and the LIT team, you guys have created something special. So excited for the future plans that you’ve shared with us. 🙏🏾

James Taylor

The LIT Community Mastery

April 2022 - LIT Community Mastery


Founder Knowledge

We are the creators of the infamous Liquidity Inducement Concepts every "Guru" is trying to copy right now. But guess what, our content has never seen the outside of our secure Vault System and is only reserved for our Students.

Unique Presentation Style

Here in LIT, everything is different. Our content is one of a kind, and the same is said for the way we present it. A perfect mixture of true Knowledge, Fun, Guidelines, Tools, Rulesets, and Checklists.

Unique Content

Have you ever heard about Inducement Concepts? Guess where all these "Gurus" have it from. Everyone tries to copy our Material but they are years behind our Curriculum. We are everything but your normal Smart Money "Guru", with LIT You only learn the real reasons behind the Market and no watered-down Smart Money Concepts.

Secure Vault Technology

We have to protect our proprietary content and that's why we created Vault Technology which makes it impossible for any leaks or distributions. So You can enjoy learning the material with peace of mind.

Tools, Checklists and Guidelines

Simplicity is key. This is why we make it as easy as possible for you. This includes Templates for the most popular trading platforms, a tool named "Entry Helper" for extra confluences before trade execution & "Execution Helper" for Risk management during market executions. On top of that, You get all our Checklists for multiple Setups and all the Guidelines You need to master Intraday Trading.

Loving Community

With Thousands of hours live spent inside our "Study Lounge" and over 30,000+ successful Trades posted inside our Winning Section, our students speak for themselves. No one is left behind and we all win together!


Swipe right to see the Guidelines!

More about LIT

What started as a fully private Mentorship Group by ReimFx, led to a Community full of absolute trading Legends and intraday trading Assassins. With over 30,000+ Winning Trades in less than a year and thousands of hours spent in the live study lounge by students, the mission to bring intraday mastery to a selected circle of traders was successful! Now we will open the gates to intraday trading once again for a few more selected future Legends!

We only did 1 public live Bootcamp the entire year of 2021. We are everything, but your average Trading Mentor who wants to sell you a shitty course. We have 6.000+ Student Requests but we limited our Student base to 250 People last year, this year 2022, it will be exactly the same. 250 Slots available, that's it.

LIT is a private Mentorship Program by ReimFx in which he shares the insights of his almost decade-long trading journey which led him to intraday trading mastery. The mission is to bring this skill to a selected circle of people, which we can gladly say now, was a great success and led to the most insane Trading Community in the industry!