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Let our decade long trading experience and creation of the infamous Liquidity Inducement Concepts 3 years ago, help you realise why you are stuck with your current market understanding and let us guide you the way to true new beginnings of clear market vision.

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Yes, You CAN understand every push inside the market!

The LIT Community Mastery

LIT Community Mastery

What you will learn:

  • 5 different Inducement types
  • The 4 most important forms of Liquidity
  • How to spot Retail and Smart Money Traps 
  • How to use the Basic Master Map 
  • How to use timing as a compass
  • The LIT Cycles
  • All Daily Cycle Variations 
  • Execution Helper 
  • How to use the Simplicity Approach
  • How to use 20+ confluences before you trade
  • How to use our Entry Helper 
  • How to trade Daily recurring Cup Trades 
  • How to understand every push in the market 
  • How to become an intraday master
  • How to set up a trading plan
  • How to master your mindset
  • How to fix procrastination
  • How to master Trading Psychology
  • 4 different Entry approaches
  • 6 different Target approaches
  • 4 Full Trading Guidelines
  • 3 Full Psychology Guidelines
  • How to use the Enigma Principles 
  • How to use the Litiverse Mastermap
What You will receive

Overview of the LIT Adventure

  • 100+ hours Content
  • 50+ Topics
  • 250+ Modules
  • 7 LIT Guidelines       
  • Private LIT Vault Access

8 Chapters to absolute greatness

and You get them all

You receive all 8 Chapters in the adventure

With the LIT Adventure You receive the finest trading education in the entire industry.



Chapter 1
  • 8 Topics
  • 50+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Discover the 5 different Inducement types
  • Learn the 4 most important forms of Liquidity
  • Learn how to spot Retail and Smart Money Traps
  • Discover how to use the Basic Master Map 
  • Learn how to use timing as a compass

Eye opener chapter! Learn the shocking truths of how the market really works and how to get rid of all your old false market belief systems.


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The lit guidelines

Chapter 2
  • 7 Topics
  • 35+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Introduction to Intraday Mastery
  • Discover the principles of the core LIT Cycle
  • Learn how to utilise the Daily Cycle in combination with the LIT Cycle
  • Apply your new found understanding of Retail Trap Identification
  • Introduction of the Simplicity Approach Guideline

Introduction to Intraday Mastery chapter! We will introduce you to the beauty and clarity of Intraday Trading, you will receive the first guide on how to tame the seemingly wild market into a clear understandable system.


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The lit guidelines

You will receive the first steps of the simplicity approach

Chapter Special:

THE LIT Template

Just a simple illustration of how it will look like as we can´t show you the full template, thanks to our endless copycats.

Chapter 3
  • 7 Topics
  • 25+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Full Daily Cycle chapter!
  • Explore all possible daily cylce variations
  • Learn how to identify the daily Cyle variations in all market conditions
  • Our Mind blowing Entry Helper awakens your aha moment
  • Introduce the full theory of the Simplicity Approach in combination with the Entry Helper
  • Gain Access to your new Trading buddy - The Entry Helper!

Full Daily Cycle chapter! It is time to bring light to all the Daily Cycle Variations, add multiple Confluences of Events to your analysis and clarify everything with our LIT Simplicity Approach. We will also provide you with our legendary Entry Helper to bring you closer to your first Intraday Mastery trades.


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Chapter Special:


We can´t show you the beauty of it, thanks again to our copycats.

Chapter 4
  • 7 Topics
  • 25+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Understand how to take Cup Trades with an abundance of detailed breakdowns
  • Master the art of Inducement Trading
  • Discover full Intraday breakdowns 
  • Access Special Training Content / Advanced Elite Analysis
  • Gain access to your deserved Risk Management Assistant
  • Learn and Apply the 4 different Entry Approaches

CUP Trade chapter! Once you completed all tasks, and quizzes and answered all the content questions, we introduce you to daily recurring Trading Setups we call CUP Trades. We give you multiple variations so you can pick and master the ideal setup for your own needs, time zone and daily schedule.


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Chapter Special:


Execution Helper

The LIT Execution Helper

We will provide you a Tradingview Template for visual illustrations and calculations and a MT4/MT5 for technical and automated order execution.

Chapter 5
  • 5 Topics
  • 15+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Strengthen and Apply your Cup Trade Knowledge for Daily understanding
  • On Edge Special Training
  • Understand How to become an Intraday Master 
  • Solidifying the Simplicity Approach with Entries

Solidification chapter! Combining everything to give you the ultimate step-by-step guideline to approach Intraday Mastery on a daily basis with proper CUP Trade Solidification, Cycle Variations and how to apply the full Simplicity Approach. You will also get access to core LIT special recordings to widen your experience even more!


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Chapter Special:


Simplycity Approach


Cup Trades Mastery

2 daily recurring setups with 4 possible Entry Approaches!

Chapter 6
  • 8 Topics
  • 60+ Modules
  • 10+ Hours
  • Develop a custom Trading plan that suits your needs using our guided steps
  • Discover the Principles of the Awakening Masterguide & Identify your current position
  • Recognise the Natural Law of Expressions 
  • Uncover the Pathways in the Tree of Life and Trading Guide
  • 2+ hours of additional chart breakdowns

Planning chapter! Having a proper trading plan is key. We will show you how to transform trading into a real business and how to structure your trading day around your schedule. We also give you a guideline on how to use our Execution Helper for proper risk management or other tools depending on your personal preference.


The lit guidelines

Chapter 7
  • 8 Topics
  • 35+ Modules
  • 25+ Hours
  • Reinforce your Trading with a multitude of consistently applied rule based Content
  • Discover a series of consecutive Trading Days analysed In depth.
  • Unravel the Enigma with your very own set of Guidelines 
  • Explore our generous hot Seat Showcasts
  • Learn how to use our very own CheckLIT Template and get yours as a Bonus for free!

Intensive training chapter! With all the content equipped, the true fun finally begins. We jump straight into detailed training sessions, Content Solidification and Simplicity Approach Mastery.


The lit guidelines

Chapter Special:

The Juicy CheckLIT

Receive 4 full preset CheckLITs for daily assistance to catch a variety of setups!

You will get additional:

YOUR Personal

Juicy Checklit

Fully customisable for your personal needs and preferences!

Chapter 8
  • Absolute mastery level
  • This is where the madness occurs, nothing will ever be the same after this!
  • Explore the LITiverse and beyond
  • Receive the full 18 step LITiverse map which will open the gates to intraday wonderland
  • Enter the 1% of elite trading knowledge
  • After this you will understand every push of the market

Mastery chapter! It is time to put the cherry on top of the cake and put everything together and dig as deep as possible into the content to provide you peak Intraday Mastery the proper LIT way. Time to smash those markets!


The lit guidelines

Explore the Litiverse and beyond. Let the daily market slaying begin!

What You will receive:

Overview of the LIT Adventure

  • 100+ hours Content
  • 50+ Topics
  • 250+ Modules
  • 7 LIT Guidelines       
  • Private LIT Vault Access
  • Full Psychology Chapter
  • Private Discord Access

Bonus & Extras

  • The LIT TradingView Template
  • The LIT Execution Helper
  • 4 LIT CheckLITs

What our Students say about the

LIT Adventure

James K.

11/10 Recommend 🤩

As an early bird student of The Vault which is 8 weeks…. I have seen nothing but improvements and helpful information being pumped out by the LIT team & community.The information inside the vault can not be found elsewhere, even the leaked info about LIT and their passionate work doesn’t do justice to the time and effort put into these 8 weeks.I’m beyond excited to keep going through the next 4 Weeks learning and practicing both backtest and live the knowledge LIT has provided me with.You will come out of this community learning at least 1 thing worth your time and money, if not why did you buy it? You already can catch every move everyday at any time and have no questions left about the market.

Eduardo C.

The Redpill

-First things first, I want to thank God and the LIT Team for giving me the opportunity to be able to step foot into LIT.-Upon joining LIT, I was absolutely AMAZED of the quality of the Vault.The Vault is the ABSOLUTELY INSANE, within 4 weeks of being in the community I have learned more here in 4 weeks than 3 years of jumping "Top" education to another. As of 4 weeks and hours of content already watched, I am still amazed of how we still have 4 WEEKS of Content TO GO!! As part of being in LIT, there is also the Community, which is also INSANE. The community so far is very interactive, sharing charts and each others perspective of how something will play out or has played out.I am very glad to be apart of a community which wants to grow and see each other win, like a family.-This is the REAL LIT and not some cringe "Inducement/Trap/algo" education that us traders always come across on Instagram trying to pose as Reim's LIT.-As part of just being in LIT for 4 weeks, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK, IF YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS.- Do not believe these FAKE Reviews as they are just Haters who are not even a part of the community. At the end of the day, the LIT Trading Instagram completely speaks for the Education itself. haha-Also, Shoutout to Reim,Cameron,Saqbar,Redbeard,The programmers, and Christian. They have made everything here a great journey so far and are continuing to due so. Reim's Knowledge is something you have never heard of or seen outside of LIT, he will show you how the markets truly work! Cameron the Wizard is an actual WIZARD believe it or not, haha this guy sees your mistakes from 100 miles away and will show you the when,where,why, and how you were wrong and how to fix your mistake! Saqbar also teaches very well in the videos! Christian the German GOAT was very welcoming during our first interview as he Introduced me to LIT!-All in all, this is my first 4 weeks in LIT, so far this is the GREATEST Investment I have ever made in my life! I am very grateful, Thanks again.(I will be updating this review after Week 8 and after a year of completing week 8!)

Adam D.

10/10 Would highly recommended

I knew from the very beginning that i was going to be in for a treat. It’s fair to say that this industry is plagued with fakes and frauds and given Forex a bad name. But LIT has restored all the negative experiences i’ve had. It’s like the last level on a video game.And speaking of video games the content inside the Vault is close to a computer game. the interaction you have with the content is nothing like i’ve seen before. Making the experience not only informative but in a very fun and exciting way. The hours upon hours of content doesn’t get boring and you just want to learn more and more each day.The educators are always active and always reply within 30 minutes. And the way they have set up the curriculum assures your progress. If you don’t understand a certain concept or piece of information you Cannot advance to the next stages. This means you are guaranteed to succeed as long as you put the time in.Here are my favourite things about LIT:• Exclusive. you won’t find this stuff floating around in some mega file. The security they have on their content is great. and as a paying customer it’s very reassuring.• The eye opening content• The immersion• The educators as people• The community. Everyone is so friendly and i’ve already made some good friends. We are all driven and pushing for the same goal.There’s many more great things about LIT i could go on. 🐇🕳

Student Case Study

Lets meet Joo


If comparable, it is no longer LIT Trading

In my business career, I always look up to the most skilled person in the room, once I get better than this person I usually move on. With Reim the gap of skill between us is so big that it gives me chills to get better. I have so much to learn from him and I can’t express enough how grateful I am to be here; he is so humble, and he deserve so much gratitude for everything he has created. I have spent over 6 figures in gurus and courses before LIT and to be honest if I’d be able to travail back in time, I would be willing to invest the whole thing in the LIT Adventure this training is everything you need from A to Z. The value for the price is just not comparable. You have an 8-week program and every time you complete one week you will have a list of tasks to do to be able to pass on the next stage. Yes, it will be hard yes you will have to put a lot of hours to succeed but it’s all worth it. They won’t let you move on until they’re sure you have understood the concepts. In this community no one will let you down. Everyone will help you to become better. We are a team and a big family that are all trying to go to the next level.

I sincerely want to thank all the LIT team for the onboarding. The tech team for the great vault, the educators for always having my back and the members for pushing me to become better.

Joo, 29 years

Situation before LIT:

Joo has spent over 6 figures in trading education prior to LIT. So he has done almost all courses you could think about, which gave him good foundations but there was still a few pieces of knowledge missing and he was seeking the final pieces of the puzzle Now with LIT he has all the knowledge together which has lead to 6+ figure withdrawals so far in his LIT Journey
Achievements so far
$ 150k+ Withdrawals with LIT

Sneak Peak from Joo in the LIT Community

Student Case Study

Lets meet Xavier

Game Changers

Honestly, I have been in the trading industry for 4 years and I have not seen anything like it. I speak in all senses, in addition to the fact that the content is incredible, it explodes minds, it is the community, the team behind it, it is everything.
The work behind this company is notorious, without a doubt they have changed my life and it is a pleasure to be part of them. If you are really looking for your trading to have another level, this is your site.
I wait for you inside!

Xavi, 20 years

Situation prior to LIT:
Xavier didn't belive in himself, and he lacked the right knowledge, didn't have the right community and also couldn't find the right mentors to truly level him up. His biggest issue was the lack of self confidence.
Solution with LIT:
Now with LIT he has found exactly what he was looking for, and now is unfolding his true potential - which lead to exponential growth in his journey with MyFxBook verified results. Like 18% in his first month with LIT, then 32% with his second month, and 38% in his 3rd month with LIT. He finally has the consistency and the confidence he was looking for, the right community which gives him support and guidance, and the right mentors he can look up to, which gives him strength to reach new levels.
Achievements so far
89.22% Account growth in the last 3 months with LIT

Sneak Peak from Xavier in the LIT Community

WAKE up!

THE matrix has you!

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