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Onboarding Tutorial

Below is a step by step tutorial of how to access the Awakening Masterguide. It’s finally time for you to take the first leap towards Intraday Mastery. You will finally be able to see again!

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Below you will discover the process of Completing the LIT Test, from the Technical aspect, the Submission process to the Benchmark Score required to Successfully pass and receive your personal LIT Certificate of Completion!

How to download the Exam

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How to complete the LIT Test?

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LIT Resources

Litian! You are provided with a Resource Library so you can effortlessly access all of your LIT Essential Resources at hand in one place!

The Vault

Refer to your Confirmation Purchase Email for the Vault Link

Technical Issues

Technical Vault Support

Please note all Email Communications involve a standard Maximum Waiting Time of 24 hours Monday to Friday due to Demand fluctuations.


Where can i access the Vault?

Your Whop - My Hub provides you access to the Vault Link.

Will I have access to a Community?

The Awakening is purely designed to be a Personal Awakening Experience and therefore a process you undergo independently. This eliminates distractions so you can progress with pure focus. As a result, there is no Community element involved, but you will have ongoing Guidance if needed via Email Support.

I am unable to Log In to the Vault, What should I do?

Ensure you have a valid Email domain linked to your Discord Profile. Tip: Ensure you are using a Browser supported by the Vault.

What Browsers are supported by the Vault?

Chrome & Microsoft Edge (We recommend Chrome for the best performance speed)

Can I use a VPN to view the Content?

It is possible to View the Content using a VPN, however you may experience errors due to Content Protection Measures.

The "Next Video" button does not work for me?

This could be due to 1 of 2 reasons. Ensure you watch the Module from Beginning to end in full. The system will only understand when the Module has been completed if watched entirely to the very end. The next likely reason could be due to incorrectly answered Questions below the video. Please ensure you correct any mistakes to progress smoothly.

My screen is Grey viewing the Vault, how do I combat this?

Reload the page with Cmd+Shift+R, or log out and log back in.

How do I receive the LIT Templates?

In Topic 9 you will find a short form to fill in. Once this is completed, we will get notified of your request and you will receive your new addition to your Trading within 24 hours! A helpful tip is to refer to your LIT Resource page for all essential Links and Emails.

Where do I receive the LIT Test?

You will receive the LIT Test upon Unlocking Topic 11 In the Vault. The Test link is attached in a PDF format by which you must Download to complete and submit to Awakening@lit-trading.com. Note that that a minimum score of 90% must be achieved to successfully pass the Test.

How do I Log Out of the Vault?

In the top right corner of your screen is a Settings icon. Click on the icon and select Logout.

I have an error that is not listed, What can I do?

Try Logging out of the Vault and refreshing the browser, then proceed to Log back in. If the error persists, send an Email to tech@lit-trading.com with all details relating to your error.

I have a Question about the Content, Who do I contact?

For Content related Queries, Email either of the following:

I have another question who do i contact?

For General Queries, Email either of the following: