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It's not your fault, that you...

don't have the success in your trading, that you wish you would have, yet.
We are in an industry where toxic Mentors and Communities rule the majority of our space. 
We are here to change that once and for all.

Make all your effort and time you put in pay out finally and learn the true reasons of how the Market really works.

  • no more sleepless nights trying to figure out what is going on in the markets and why you cant make it
  • No more pressuring yourself; just follow our guidelines to success
  • Finally, have confidence in yourself and your trading as you have multiple confluences and guidelines before you execute a trade
  • You are not alone; hundreds of students all around the world have made their dream come true already, so can you, and we all are here to help you achieve it as well
  • No more "FOMO," as you will have all the rulesets and checklists to be able to wait patiently for the exact setup with a great RR daily
  • No more jumping from strategy to strategy as you will have all the information you need to understand and master intraday trading

Congratulations for finding LIT.
Your search is finally over!


Founder Knowledge

We are the creators of the infamous Liquidity Inducement Concepts every "Gury" is trying to copy right now. But guess what, our content never seen the outside of our secure Vault System and is only reserved for our Students.

Unique Presentation Style

Here in LIT everything is different, Our content is one of a kind, the same is said for they way we present it. A perfect mixture of true Knowledge, fun, guidelines, tools, rulesets and checklists.

Unique Content

What we teach you behind the thick walls of our Vault system, you will never find somewhere else. Everyone tries to copy our Material but they are years behind our Curriculum.

Secure Vault Technology

We have to protect our proprietary content and that's why we created Vault Technology which makes it impossible for any leaks or distributions, so you can enjoy learning the material with peace of mind.

Tools, Checklists and Guidelines

With LIT you trade easier with our Tools. This includes Templates for the most popular trading platforms, a tool called "Entry Helper" for extra confluences before trade execution & "Execution Helper" for Risk management during market executions. on top of that you get all our Checklists for multiple Setups and all the Guidelines you need to master intraday trading.

Loving Community

Our Community is one of a kind, we grow together and help each other, we make sure you have a private study group on top of all the other channels so you can work in small teams but still have access to the rest of the community, we have Gamified the entire learning experience for a fun journey in a team of likeminded traders.

Intraday Mastery

Although our methodology works on all Timeframes, we specialize in the Intraday Wonderland. Take a look at what our Mentors Achieve and What our Students Achieve in a short time!

LIT Mastery

The Mentors Intraday Mastery Technique.

Our Students Intraday Mastery In Comparison.

More Information About the Course

Started alongside WWA Trading, LIT was a private mentorship group within the WWA community help their existing students take their trading to the next level. Started by ReimFX, his main Intraday mastery which he spent 5 years perfecting gets shared with the students in a concise short package. LIT is the systematic approach to trading, allowing you to follow a step by step process towards your trading success.


Know the "why" of the market. Understand the pushes. Know what to anticipate and react to. You will never say "WTF" ever again, only for amazement!


Know why retail traders lose and be the top 1% that never lose. Understand the "when" of the market and the "how". You will have a winning formula every single day.


Compact and concise education allowing you to exponentially improve your trading career. We have a strict course structure which you will follow that has unprecedented amount of success!

It's not about US,

It's about YOU!

We can tell you a lot, we rather let our students results speak for itself. There is no one in the industry which just comes close to the intraday mastery of our students.

what our STUDENTS are saying


Sal Azuela

By far joining the LIT community is the best trading decision I've made in my 3+ year trading career. I’m really, really, grateful to the Universe for putting them on my path. I've tried academies, and mentors, and even though I’ve reached consistency I was far from the goal I wanted to achieve in my trading. In LIT I've found a lot of clarity of why many of the things I previously noticed happened and how to really operate as an Intraday trader, which is the trading style that best suits me.


This has by far reached beyond all my expectations. The knowledge provided is somewhat crazy and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of the community. The details given by Reim throughout the course have improved my trading tremendously and the value paid compared to the knowledge given is crazy.
Thank you so much!


This course is the best ever I attended. It worth the price, even more.
The guys, Reim and JP absolutely overdelivered. Great, funny presentation, great examples.
Real knowledge, real insight about how the market works and how the big guys want to screw everyone in the markets.

Trader problems SOLVED

Problem #1

Not truly understanding what is going on in the markets

Why trade something you don't understand. We give you all the tools and methodologies that allows you to answer the 'WHY' of the market.

You will never feel lost or confused again, you will be able to look at the markets with surety and confidence. Moving and navigating ever changing market conditions.


Truly, this is the best trading educational experience I have ever had and I have been trading FX for quite a while. I cannot emphasize enough how my view about the markets has changed to the correct one. I always wondered why I would get stopped out and then the trade go my direction? What was the true intention of the market for that particular day? Because of LIT, now I can say that I know those answers. I have been taught the playbook from the market movers. For all of you who trade like "institutional traders", you are on the right path, but there is NO ONE that I have found that teaches these concepts. There are bits and pieces you can find, but the entire puzzle is put together by the team at LIT in a way that is truly mind blowing...

Problem #2

Getting the right course to learn from

We ensure that LIT is a ONE STOP SHOP for Trading. From Basic market understanding to the most advanced concepts in the world which everyone wish they knew. We put the power in your hands - making our course fun to learn from and rewarding every step of the way. On top of all this we ensure our course is inline with your trading style and personality giving you not only the right course but the right course tailored to you!


Sal Azuela

By far joining the LIT community is the best trading decision I've made in my 3+ year trading career. I’m really, really, grateful to the Universe for putting them on my path. I've tried academies, and mentors, and even though I’ve reached consistency I was far from the goal I wanted to achieve in my trading. In LIT I've found a lot of clarity of why many of the things I previously noticed happened and how to really operate as an Intraday trader, which is the trading style that best suits me.

Problem #3

Not having the right community

Our community is one of the fastest growing and friendliest Trading communities in the world. In fact, we don't even call our Community a 'Community' at all. We call it our FAMILY. Time has shown how supportive our members are - helping one another to grow as well as hosting daily Community Calls to align the Family with the days Trading Intentions.

You will never have to feel alone again!


Best trading course out there by far. For years I've been waiting and looking for a course that has a great community, excellent educators and insane educational content. I'm so glad I found LIT.

Obviously its a risk at first to jump into the course but JP and Reim made us all feel so welcome in the bootcamp. The bootcamp is split into sections to help us digest the info better and that helped out a lot. 

It's not like some other courses where you finish the bootcamp then you never see the teachers again. The educators are always there to answer your questions no matter what. They're constantly working in the background to give us the best material on top of community calls and much more. 

110% recommend the course.

Problem #4

Not having the right information

Our Methodologies took us years to master and structure. Through trial and error and collecting overwhelming amounts of Data we know what works and what doesn't. We compact this information in a well thought out systematic course with additional tools and mentor guidelines to show you the validity of the Methodologies providing you with unlimited amount of information and Questions and Answers.


The LIT Bootcamp is a well articulated navigation map to intraday mastery.

Discovered by Reim, this strategy is the answer to all strategies. Bootcamp not only is an absolute gem, but was delivered with boundless energy and eagerness to impart knowledge and know how. People think they can trade like Reim, best of luck trying to figure out how. I had many reservations about another strategy, but after day 3, I realized oh wow, this was not the same. I hate doing reviews, but I really had to give it up to Reim in discovering and sharing refinements and his market insight (that span years). I cannot say I would do the same if I was in his position.

The same appetite for risk that you use to enter the market, that same appetite should inspire you to learn from Reim. "This review sounds like one of those crypto bots" but its not a bot, real stuff, check out his trades on IG.

When Reim said he had 7 confluences i was cynical, its not a lie, its true , there are actually 7 confluences and more.

Problem #5

Making the decision to take the step that will make the difference

One of our favorite sayings is: "You can bring a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink". We can only show you the right way, your will need to take the steps!

But we are here to guide you every step of the way and support you in your Journey no matter what you chose. LIT is the difference you need in your Trading Life. Now it's up to you to chose the right path.


Best decision I ever made.

I've been trading for almost 2 years now. Bought multiple courses from well known traders in the industry. In my honest opinion nothing compares to what this course/ community has in store for you. The bootcamp is fully packed with good content which definitely will improve your trading game. After the bootcamp you will be blown away. The things they teach you might have heard about, but never explained in such a detailed manner.

But it doesn't end there, LIT is a community that has the best interest for you. Not only the educators but also the students are here to help and discus trading topics/ set ups etc. After the bootcamp is where the fun begins with a good learning plan that will result in your earning plan. Since i joined LIT and WWA my joy while trading increased tremendously. I honestly can say that I now like Mondays and don't mind working.

This might seem too good to be true, but i promise you that joining LIT will be the best decision you will ever make. Because it definitely was mine.

Problem #6

Getting bored or inpatient of the "learning process"

We are always striving to better ourselves and therefore bettering our Course and Community. There is always something to learn, something to do, and ways to improve. Finishing the LIT Course is only the start of the Journey the rest provides and exciting Game Of Life - unlocking unlimited potential!


Overdelivered on my Really High Expectations
I was expecting to be blown away but never knew I was gonna be blown into the next dimension.
The content and the delivery of the whole concept was absolutely brilliant. Now we know and understand markets every push on every Timeframe..
Reim (the Educator) and His team made the whole experience so fun with their passion and enthusiasm.
Honestly my kids even enjoyed listening in on Reim.
Very professional slides and presentation and the Discord itself they have made for the students is a great learning environment as there is rewards and ranking systems for all to have a friendly competition to both learn and help others that are struggling... If your looking for the Holy Grail then your search is over.....
Thanks to the WHOLE LIT Family for the opportunity... truly feel honored and blessed to have joined the first camp..

Problem #7

Not getting something out of a trading course

Our students are some of the best traders in the industry. This isn't by accident this is with a combination of a great Course Curriculum and Aftercare mixed with Homework Tasks and Student Challenges. This ensures our students continue to grow and get the most out of the course.


More than I could ever have dreamed of!
Do you wish to learn the real deal of trading intraday?
Would you like to be part of a community with like-minded people who are supporting and helping each other?

I am totally honest when I am saying: This is more than I could ever have dreamed of!
After 2 1/2 years of learning different retail strategies, this is the last course you & I will ever need.

Let´s be real: the knowledge is really overwhelming and eye-opening! If you do not make it to be a profitable full-time trader, than it is not for you.

The best education can do nothing, if you do not give the effort to use and practice it intensively! Like they said: Knowledge is potential power. ACTION is power!

The community is next level and is so helpful - you always get an answer to your question really fast!
We have weekly community calls with the educators, a XP and belt system to keep the members active and make it more fun.

In overall, this was the best investment in my life!
I am really grateful to be part of LIT and I am excited for what is yet to come.

Problem #8

Not enjoying the learning and trading journey with your Mentors and Community

Our Community is our Family, and our Mentors do whatever it takes to keep the family safe and having fun! With the Gamification we have added into the learning process on top of entertaining video content it's impossible to not have fun and watch the hours go by with us!

Trading is supposed to be fun, there is no point in making money if you can't share the success and a few laughs with your fellow students!


Its been a couple weeks now since the…
Its been a couple weeks now since the Bootcamp and i wanted to soak it all in Before leaving a Review.

I'm lost for words, honestly. The Knowledge that has been shared genuinely shouldn't have a price tag. Reim are creating serious Millionaires if your dedicated. Like with Anything its a lot of Knowledge so take a while to digest and apply it to your own etc.. But again you have to ut in Extreme work. This ain't a strategy its the Market. Market IQ can only come from your own Intuition after grafting, but all the tools have been handed on a plate. I've never seen the markets with such clarity and genuinely able to Take money as ease from the market and understand every move.

Want to thank Reim/WWA/JP for everything. Its been A long 7 year road for me in FX and I'm now finally seeing the Fruits of this.

Problem #9

Not having enough time for trading

With our on-demand video content and amazing security features, we can ensure you chose the best time to learn for you! We help you structure your life around your trading to make sure you are getting the most value out of the course in the quickest possible time. This is so you can reap the rewards sooner - but also not add unnecessary stress on your existing schedule.


Game Changer - to the minute
I've joined LIT Trading a couple of weeks ago - and I can say - it was the best investment I've ever done !
Lot of information - which helped me to improve my Trading style - TO THE MINUTE
I`m able to do my business job in office and watching to the perfect time on my charts - and finding some nice setups !
Actually there is another community call in 2 days 4-5 hours for free ? :D What an amazing community.
Educators every time helpful - make some nice challenge with presents...
I can say if you miss to join - you will miss a game changer for your life!

Problem #10

Still having questions after a newly learned strategy

Our community and educators ensure a safe place for you to find existing question and answers and for you to ask more! This not only helps you but helps many others with the same questions. And if you truly do not understand you can ask questions live with us and we will dedicate our time in providing you with clarity and reasoning so we can ensure you are 100% confident in our answers.


Sal Azuela

What a experience this has been so far..

Gained a lot lot lot of value from the boot camp. The why, where, how, when, who, all the questions about the market are answered. By simply knowing the answers to these questions, you are already 10 steps ahead of everybody else in the industry. Obviously your work ethic is going to determine what you can achieve with the information, but all the tools are there! Besides that, Reim is just a fantastic enthusiastic dude and the discord which is setup is also perfect. Lot of value in there and everybody wants to grow.

I was trying to come up with something that I'm not totally satisfied with to show both sides of the coin, but really there is not one. Read the other reviews, do some research yourself and make your own conclusions. For me, this was the best decision I've made in my life up until this point.

Problem #11

Not having the "lifechanging" moment you want to get out of trading

All of our students have called the LIT experience life changing. Don't take our word for it - look at our Trustpilot! We are in the fortunate position with amazing content, processes, community and Educators no one else in the world has. There is so much value to be had in just this one place alone. With LIT!


Sal Azuela

Life Changing, Generational Wealth Creation
To be honest, I was extremely skeptical spending that amount for a 6 day boot camp. Now that it's over, I can say without hesitation that it was money well spent! Reim is like a mad scientist the way he dissects charts (or maybe he's just mad 😆 ), JP, is out of this world with regards to his AI/computer knowledge. The other educators, Saqbar, Alex, Waqar and Waly are hands down in a class of their own! The VIP call we had last week was amazing, full of nuggets. I'm looking forward to the VIP call we're having tomorrow!

To each and every one of the educators, I thank you, my children thank you and my children's children thank you. Generational Wealth begins with me and LIT is the vehicle which will create that generational wealth.

Problem #12

Not having a great Return of Investment

Most of our Students reap the rewards with our knowledge in a very short time. Paying back their education 10 fold and more! When you succeed, we succeed and it's our life mission to ensure your success with us!


Already paid back!!
I was going to wait 2-3 weeks before I write this after I see how I fare with a live account, but; first trade today 22/06 - 2 days after the end of the bootcamp paid for the entire course by itself. It was worth every penny.

The way Reim and JP presented as well as the examples shown and how organized and structured it was made it all the better to understand, comprehend and apply. The discord system is also structured in a way to make people pro-active and continue progressing their trade journey successfully.

It’s LIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Problem #13

Following the wrong mentors and courses

Our Mentors & Educators are industry experts with note worthy credentials! We show you where we came from and how we achieved our success. We are human too! (Well most of us) We have been in your position and know your struggles our Mentors come from different angles and perspectives which assists you in identifying more with one Mentor than the other!


The best trading education on the market. Period! I’ve taken all of your favorite Instagram FX trader’s courses over the last 2 and a half years, nothing even comes close to this. I’ve been trading since 2014(stocks, options, forex) and I’ve NEVER come across an intraday trader as good as Reim. Not even close. Even more impressive than that, is his ability to teach his strategy in such a simple, easy to digest way. His energy and humor throughout the bootcamp makes the entire experience so much fun. I really respect the fact that he actually teaches you his entire strategy from start to finish. I’ve come across mentors who, admittedly, withhold some of their knowledge that is “sacred” to them. Reim gives you everything you need to be successful. I’ve already had some of my best trade ideas and it’s only been a couple weeks since the bootcamp ended. For the first time, I’m actually engaged in an amazing trading community. Everyone is so positive and supportive of each other. I’ve been averaging like 4-5 hours of zoom calls daily with people I’ve met in the community. It has truly been the greatest experience and more than I could’ve ever asked for. Forever grateful for Reim and JP the Wizard, you guys have created something special. So excited for the future plans that you’ve shared with us. 🙏🏾

LIT Trading Forex

Learn the True Market Intentions!

We set you up for SUCCESS FROM DAY 1!

Learn to master the markets beyond Retails and Smart Money Concepts. Fully understand what you are trading and WHY. Use our tools and technology to help you learn at incredible rates. Don't miss the opportunity to change your life forever!

This is for you

We have a wide range of our Student base, does not matter if you trade part-time or full-time, we have students that "only" trade their own capital, we have students that are multiple times funded with prop-firms like FTMO and we even have hedge fund mangers that manage hundrets of millions of USD.
We also provide you knowledge for every possible trading style you might have, be it the higher Timeframes or the second timeframes, our educators have all the same knowledge but multiple different approaches of how to use them, so you can choose your own style and master it with our techniques.


Selected Students


Winning Trades


5 Star Reviews


Our course provides a step by step guide to achieving Trading Results out of this world. On top of great education you get access to an exclusive community with mentor aftercare as well as tools to ensure your success. With LIT there is no more excuses! No more worries!



The get started package. Allowing you fundamental concepts and access to the community.

  • +60 Hours of Core Content
  • Access to All Modules, Questions and Tasks.
  • Checklists, Rulesets, Guidelines and Trading Plans.
  • Metatrade and Trading view Tools and Templates.
  • Pre-LIT Master Map
  • Access to our LIT App and Trading/Backtest Game
  • Extra Community Calls from each Educator.
  • Discord + Sensei Access
  • Belt System with Ranking and Leaderboards.
  • Access to Community Challenges
  • Homework Assignments and Educator Q&A.
  • Monk Mode Training
  • Additional Gold BoD (Beauty Of The Day) Calls.
  • Access to Updates + New Released Features.
  • Access to 1 Edge Trading Video a Week.

For those that are serious wanting the best value for money. Unlocking advanced concepts and support.

  • Everything in Gold +
  • All Previous Hot Seat VIP Calls.
  • All Previous Community Calls and Upcoming Calls.
  • Dedicated Private VIP Group Access.
  • Double XP Boost.
  • Custom Rank + Badges.
  • Access to LIT Madness!
  • Step By Step LITiverse Guidelines.
  • All Previous BoD Breakdown Calls, and all upcoming calls.
  • First in line to receive updates & Features.
  • LIT Futures Initiation Pass.
  • *Bonus Special Calls
  • *Bonus Hot Seat Calls
  • *Bonus Weekly Community Calls.
  • Access to all previous and current Edge Trading Videos.

Main Programme Overview


Wake Up Neo
  • The Real Life Matrix
  • The Enigma
  • Trading Psychology
  • Why Retailers and Smart Money Traders Lose Money
  • Unlearn, Relearn and Improve
  • IQ Types
  • Market Intentions & Inducement Basics

12 chapters

12 Hours Of Content


Unlearn, Relearn & Improve
  • Chart Examples
  • Why Retail Back testing Doesn't Work,
  • Market illusions
  • LIT Cycle
  • Liquidity & Inducement Concepts
  • The Real Smart Money
  • Structure + Top Down Analysis
  • Tasks, Homework and Practice.

18 chapter

20 Hours of Content


Chart Mastery & Deep LIT Technicals
  • Recap 
  • Adding Confluences
  • Tools, Indicators and Secret Sauce.
  • What is a CUP Trade.
  • Merging Concepts to this point.
  • Chart mastery
  • Smart Money Traps (Advance)

10 chapters

9 Hours of Content


Trading Plans, Habits & Checklists
  • Content Summary + Recap
  • Building a Trading Plan
  • Advanced Chart Breakdowns
  • Building Habits
  • Using the Execution Helper
  • Using the EH + TEH
  • Tasks, Homework and Practice.

8 chapters

10 Hours Of Content


Advanced Top Down Analysis
  • Content Summary + Recap
  • Recent Chart Breakdowns
  • Advanced Top Down Analysis
  • CUP Trading
  • Chart Mastery (Lots of charts!!!)
  • Combining Knowledge.
  • Homework, Homework, Homework!

7 chapters

8 Hours of Content


Combining Knowledge & Content Solidification
  • Content Solidification
  • Intraday Mastery
  • Putting everything together.
  • Ensuring Your understanding of the why, how, where & when.
  • Welcome to LIT, your Journey has just begun!

5 chapters

7 Hours of Content

Additional Student Tools

+20 CoE

Over 20 Confluences of Events makes it impossible to ever worry about entering a trade.

The EH

The Entry Helper is yet another tool to assist in continuous trade entries from your existing entry!

4 Systematic Checklists

Our checklists give you a step by step approach in trade entry. If the checklist says 'no go' then it's a not entry! Easy!

The Back testing Game

We partnered with TradingView to provide you with a fun game to use what you learned in a Simulated environment.


The Trade Execution Helper is a powerful tool which assists in Risk Management. You just need to worry about entries!

The Indicators

More indicators are given to visually assist your confluences and confidence. Making it easy to execute!

Trading Plan & Habit Guidelines

We help you build Trading Plans and Habits tailored to your lifestyle for your success!

Gamification of the process

We have created a fun interactive community with Sensei (Our AI resident) giving you the most enjoyable experience.

Our Team Members







Even More Information About the Course

What is LIT and it's goals?

Retail Traders And Our Background.

What has LIT done so far?

What is included in our content?

How Do We Trade?

Student Requests.

Trustpilot Reviews.



Head to our App and Fill out the form to Start Your Application to become a student. GO NOW


Submit the form, you will receive and email confirming your submission. Afterwards we will review you Application.


After we have verified your Application you then get to talk to our Student Success Manager to find out if you are a good fit!


Once we find out more about you you are then invited to join us! Be sure to check the App for regular updates on your Application.


How do I join LIT?

Fill out the form to the best of your ability, and if we like your request we will send you an email confirming the next steps within 1 business day.


LIT is the most powerful intraday course you can ever find. We provide not just education but way more! Education is only the beginning. We ensure you are set up for success from day one, we assist our students to the best of our ability as well as provide tools and application to them to assist in their trading journey.

How long does it take to see results?

How long is a piece of string? What you put in is what you get out. We see students starting to trade successfully with our methods after the 3 weeks of bootcamp with dramatically positive results!

When is the next bootcamp?

We are hosting our last LIVE event on the 23rd of April, thereafter we go full demand with a limit seat availability every 3 month rotation - what we call seasonal passes.



Entrepreneurs wishing to grow their wealth and RoI privately have seen huge value in what we do. Boosting their profit margins drastically.

Hedge Fund Managers

Professional HFM use our concepts daily to greatly increase their returns while reducing Risk.

Existing Traders

Existing Traders never go back to being concerned about Trading Methodologies again - we are a one stop shop for all!

New To Trading

Absolute Beginner Traders benefit the most from our course as it's easy to teach a fresh canvas with beautiful colors to change your life forever.



Is WWA Required?

No, you do not need any form of WWA Methodologies to take LIT by any means.


Prior Trade Knowledge Not Required.

No prior knowledge is required to take LIT. Only the dedication to work hard!


Just a willingness to learn is Required.

Your state of mind and dedication will determine your success!

The Community & Technology Behind LIT

Who is Reim?

What Our Discord And LIT Community Is All About.

What is our LIT APP?

What is the LIT Vault?

What is LIT Futures?

We believe education is only the start of your Trading Career. With LIT we go much further than any type of education provided. You get a wide range of Tools, Indicators, Templates and the LIT APP along with the Best Trading Community in the world! We ensure your success as a trader from day 1!

Learn to Trade. Join the LIT Community Now.

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