LIT public webinar

the foundations to true market understanding

As so many asked for it, we will host a free webinar to reveal the secrets of how price action is delivered to trap the majority of traders in a never-ending loop with Inducements and an AI that we call "Enigma".
Be part of this one time event this Sunday the 5th of March.

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10,000 +

Student Requests 

75,000 +

Winning trades shared by students

Multiple 7 figure

Total withdrawals by Students

What you will learn in the live Webinar

7 Core Foundations of the Market

7 Factors which drive price action and makes the market move how it does to keep you trapped and engaged.

Discover the objectives of Enigma

Learn what Enigma is, and how they use it to deliver price action in the most efficient way, and how it keeps you stuck

Discover the objectives of Inducements

The infamous Inducements. Everyone tries to copy our concepts which led to the funniest definitions of Inducements, we will show you what they really are.

Chart Examples

See practical examples of price action in a step by step breakdown for a full market understanding and clarity which will change the way you look at charts forever.

After the LIve-Webinar 

You will...

  • Be able to understand what you have been doing wrong
  • Why what you tried so far did not bring you the success you desired
  • What you have to adjust to be able to escape the traps you are currently in
  • Be able to understand true price delivery to see price action in a way you never did before
  • Understand how they trap majority of traders
  • Be able to trade with more clarity and true understanding

Who should join this live Webinar?

It is for traders who are already into trading but have a strong feeling that something is missing, those who feel stuck and want to escape. Most traders are blind to the real reasons as to how the market works and become liquidity to the system. If you want to learn the true reasons as to how the markets really work, this is the perfect webinar for you.

LIT Webinar FAQ

Is the LIT Live Webinar a One Time Event?

Yes, the Webinar will be a one time event. Additional to the free content which is shared on the Webinar, you also have the chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

I'm already an advanced trader, should I still attend this Webinar?

Yes, even if you already consider yourself an advanced trader there is an deep fundamental knowledge shared in this webinar which could have one little speckle of information in it which could have a huge impact on your entire trading career. Plus, you know the saying "a true master never stops being a student"

Do I need any pre-existing knowledge?

Yes, LIT does not offer any beginner friendly / total basic services or information. Our whole methodology is built around bringing "experienced" traders into the right direction and opening their eyes to how the market really works.

From where did you get your knowledge about the markets?

The founders of LIT have more than a decade of trading experience themselves. Within which they have tried every possible trading methodology you could think of, in which we began to make our own interpretation on how the market really works, and built our own guidelines and rulesets into it. Which we then shared with hundreds of traders across the world, which led to multiple 7 figure withdrawals, 75,000 + winning trades, and the creation of absolute intraday masters. Our strategies comes from practical application and is proven by hundreds of traders world wide. 


Is it really possible to understand what this "random" market is doing?

Yes, it is possible and we have proven that over the last 3 years in countless case studies and live show casts. Now our inner elite circle of hundreds of traders prove the intraday Mastery on a daily basis over the last 2 years. You can see this proof on our IGs.